Geofabric STAYLSTAB, forms heavy and strong construction by ability to absorb the high tensile loads, soil adhesion and laying in earthworks together with the compacted layers of soil. Having the highest strength characteristics on abruption, woven geotextile STAYLSTAB is an irreplaceable component for armoring the road base.

At a high speed of embankments construction on the heaving and frowy soil (clay, peat) and the insufficient strength of soil of the foundation on shift, risk of decrease of the bearing resistance of whole design raises. Being placed between soil and filler, STAYLSTAB is designed to fix this problem, having increased the bearing resistance of soil and stability of the whole embankment in general. At construction of earth supporting constructions, woven geotextile STAYLSTAB considerably facilitates construction of embankments on the frowy foundations.

Unique characteristics of geofabric STAYLSTAB allows to increase the bearing resistance constructing the breakwaters, dikes, piers, and other port constructions of different functions repeatedly.

At design and construction of dumping places it is considered that surcharge can lead to splits in the mineral insulating blankets. The STAYLSTAB geofabric laid under such blanket prevents the critical deformations of the blanket arising at the draft of the poured-out garbage or the underlying soils. Often dumps have very abrupt side slopes in which STAYLSTAB can be also used as the reinforcing element.

Often strengthening of side slopes with very scarp slopes or retaining elements is limited by soil durability on shift. STAYLSTAB allows to reach the necessary stability by reinforcing with horizontal layers of geofabric under the principle of "pie".

If it is required to ensure a bend of a landscape then STAYLSTAB acts as outer lining of the design, the embankment of a layer of a soil with the subsequent sowing of grass is made.

Summarizing the above, it is possible to note that the woven geotextile STAYLSTAB is irreplaceable at soil reinforcement with the low bearing ability. It allows to avoid the stop of construction connected with the replacement and long soil consolidation. Decreasing in material inputs on carrying out of the above-stated works is also obvious. It doesn't require the special equipment or special climatic conditions to lay STAYLSTAB.

Technical specification for GEOFABRICS
GEO mark Geofabric StaylSTAB 80/80 Geofabric StaylSTAB 150/50 Geofabric StaylSTAB200/100 Geofabric StaylSTAB 300/100 Geofabric StaylSTAB 400/100 Geofabric StaylSTAB 600/100 Geofabric StaylSTAB 800/100
Corrosion environment resistance рН 2,0-9,5 2,0-9,5 2,0-9,5 2,0-9,5 2,0-9,5 2,0-9,5 2,0-9,5
Ultimate strength/maximum load kN/m Axial 80 150 200 300 400 600 800
Ultimate strength/maximum load kN/m Cross cut 80 50 100 100 100 100 100
Elongation at maximum load % Axial 12(+-3) 12(+-3) 12(+-3) 12(+-3) 12(+-3) 12(+-3) 12(+-3)
Elongation at maximumu load % Cross cut 12(+-3) 15 (+/-3) 15 (+/-3) 15 (+/-3) 15 (+/-3) 15 (+/-3) 15 (+/-3)
Roll size Length,running meters 50-300 50-300 50-300 50-300 50-300 50-300 50-300
Roll size Width,cm (+/-3cm) 4,2;5,1 4,2;5,1 4,2;5,1 4,2;5,1 4,2;5,1 4,2;5,1 4,2;5,1