The purpose of using geomaterials is ensuring a reliable and durable functioning of constructions of industrial, civil, hydrotechnical, military facilities of construction, including difficult engineering geological conditions (on various frowy, unstable, broken soil, sands, swamps, on the watered territories), and in the regions of the Far North


  • construction of airfields, automobile, railway, temporary, technical, laid along the road route, forest roads and roads of the enterprises;
  • foundation of grounds (helicopter, production, storages bases, industrial, warehouse and etc.), and also in places mining operations;
  • strengthening of natural and artificial side slopes and downslopes, ravines, roadsides, bridge-approach fill, supporting walls;
  • in hydraulic engineering works: embankments, supporting walls, dikes, road dikes, dams, erosion protection works, coast defences, beach and coastal areas, alluvial territories and other;
  • in trenches while laying the pipelines, heat pipelines and water pipelines;
  • for storage and transportation of various bulk materials.

Functions of geomaterials:

  • Improvement of soil strength;
  • distribution of concentrated load from automobile wheel;
  • limitation of shearing deformation;
  • deduction and preservation of the massif of soil;
  • division of various soil layers and constructional material;
  • height reduction of an embankment;
  • decrease of differential settlements of an embankment (degradation of settlements);
  • creation of the draining layers;
  • distribution of vertical loading in an embankment body;
  • prevention of soil leaching out of pipeline burial by ground waters.