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about the group of companies souztekstil-st

«Souztextile-ST» – is one of the leading scientific and production companies for production of technical textile in the territory of the Russian Federation. «Souztextile» is engaged in production of high- technology materials for various divisions of industry since 2002 and has successfully proved itself in Russian market of technical textile.tio!

For the achievement of good results company uses production capacities which are provided with the modern hi-tech equipment. Today the raw materials of the global leaders in a branch of technical textile are used in production. It guarantees undoubted satisfaction of any inquires of the clients.

Effective realization of all aspects of the company’s operations allows to receive the hi-tech products in necessary quantity as soon as possible.

Individual system of client interaction and effective system of logistics allow to find and actualize the most operative and productive decisions in co-operation for the benefit of both.

Every of our project is based on combination of actual terms of production operation, hi-tech materials, the newest technical equipment and interaction with our permanent partners behind global leaders of technical textile market.


Fifteen years of experience in the market


High level of quality


To enter the territory you need a pass


Deferred payment for regular customers


Flexible system of discounts